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Magic Gardens

Magic Gardens

When people think of the word garden, a giant walk-through mosaic masterpiece does not typically come to mind. Isaiah Zagar’s “Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens,” an engaging outdoor artwork comprised of folk art statues, found objects, colorful glass, mirrors, bicycle wheels, painted tiles, and drawings, took about 14 years to complete and is still a work in progress.

On visiting Philadelphia for a few days with my friend, we were thinking of places to explore to make the most of our experience in the historically rich and beautiful city. We were already going to go to museums and do some shopping as well as try interesting restaurants, but we wanted to go somewhere that was very unique and unlike a typical activity. One place my friend mentioned was the Magic Gardens. I had not heard of the place, but after searching pictures, I was very excited to go. I was expecting trees and flowers, so when I saw a walk-in space of art pieces, I could not wait to actually walk inside an artwork.

Once we arrived, I wanted to just see everything all at once! Everything looked so beautiful and soooooo picture worthy. I was freezing but I did not mind if it meant getting nice pictures! On the walls were tiles, broken pieces of mirror, paintings, phrases, recyclable objects, and letters spelling out words. It was all absolutely breathtaking and very inspiring. The Magic Gardens showed me that when you have a goal and aspire to do it, anything can be done. I mean, just walk through this garden and you’ll see that this is true!

I wanted to wear a scarf because I feel that scarves are not only fashionable but artsy too. They add an unexpected, special pop of color to the outfit and can display many patterns and designs. In addition to the Burberry scarf, I am also wearing a black bodysuit (if you do not have a bodysuit, you should buy one! You don’t have to keep tucking your shirt in!!), cuffed-up mom jeans, Adidas sneakers, Tory Burch belt, and gold and black jewelry as well as my MCM backpack in cognac.

Explore new places. You’ll never know what you will find. Like a bicycle wheel sticking out of a wall or a staircase leading to a new world.


Danielle <3

girl in Philadelphia magic gardens wearing Burberry scarf tory burch belt black shirt mcm backpack colorful colorsgirl looking in distance in Philadelphia magic gardens wearing Burberry scarf and tory burch belt

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