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How to Survive Finals!

How to Survive Finals!

It’s that time of year for college and high school students: trying to study for a semester’s worth of material in a few weeks, pulling all-nighters, and of course, stressing out. With all of this studying and worrying, we forget that we still need time for ourselves to relax and have fun. Here I will show you what you can do besides studying for finals and keep yourself sane.


Enjoy the weather!

Where I am, the weather has finally gotten so nice that people have been spending multiple hours outside. It is so beautiful to see people enjoying the warm climate. When finals roll around, however, many times people will be hidden away in their room or the library. I think it is such a stress reliever to be outside for a few hours in-between studying because this way, people can clear their minds and compose themselves. I see students engaging in fun activities like playing frisbee, soccer, and golf, as well as tanning, reading, chatting with friends, or just sleeping and soaking up the sun.

For those who are not in a warm climate, you can still de-stress with nature and the outdoors by taking a stroll and admiring the scenery around you. I’ve done this when the weather has been chilly and I felt much better afterwards because I was able to spend some time to calm down and not think about anything besides the beautiful views around me. Whether you are doing this with or without friends, this really does clear the mind and make you feel better. Warm weather or cold weather, I strongly recommend allotting some time to admire the scenery and spend time outside in the sunshine!

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fashion girl in spring time wearing fashionable outfit stylish girl smelling flowers in spring  fashion girl in a garden wearing pastel outfit admiring nature


Learn Something New (For Fun!)

I know what you’re thinking: I will have spent hours studying, and you’re saying to study more?! No, no…learning for fun really is helpful because spending time to study something you actually want to know more about (although you may really enjoy what you are studying for!) engages you and makes you happy. During my free time, I love learning languages (I am studying Spanish, French, and recently Hindi). I do this by reading, listening to music, using apps, watching movies, and talking to people who speak the language. So you can learn something new, whether it’s learning a language, a new sport, discovering a new author, or reading about a new culture, by studying through a variety of different ways, such as by going outside, watching films, listening to podcasts, or being social! Learning can be fun depending on what feels right to you!

You can also learn something new from your friends and, as I said before, talking to people. I love learning about new ideas and experiences from my friends who always have something unique and exciting to share. This makes me approach the world in a different way than I had before. Talking with my friends helps me become wiser, more globally aware, and a better person. I have also been able to learn new things in other languages with my multilingual friends! By talking with them, I have learned more about the language as well as new ideas in a language other than English, which I love so much.

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Go to the Gym!

Working out is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Exercise increases the production of endorphins in the brain–the transmitters that make us feel good. They lift up our moods and make us feel better. Working out is also healthy for our bodies because it improves our endurance and cardiovascular system and gives us more energy that we might need for the day. In addition, all of the studying makes it easy for students to just eat snacks all throughout the day and not have time to eat healthier foods. I know when I do this, I feel like I need to go to the gym to work off what I’ve been eating! 😀

Going to the gym is also a cool way to meet people and engage in fun conversations! Plus, you don’t have to work out alone. I enjoy using the treadmill, but playing sports with friends is also great! In addition to this, club sports is a great thing to be a part of. I am involved in Tae Kwon Do, and one aspect that makes it so wonderful is the amazing people I have met! I have learned so many new things from them, like Tae Kwon Do moves, other clubs, and just random things. They have also made me laugh so much which is an awesome way to relieve stress and enjoy yourself.

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girl wearing stylish gym outfit in pink and black working outstylish girl in gym wearing black and white and Adidas

There are also many other creative and engaging ways to take a study break and relieve stress and enjoy yourself. Just watching movies and listening to music is awesome too! Whatever it may be, make sure you are enjoying your life and are taking the time to live in the moment!! Feel free to leave a comment below of how you like to take a break from work! (:

~Danielle <3

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