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Hi Everyone!!

Flowers blooming after a long winter is an exciting time because it means Spring is officially here. And what does Spring mean? Warm weather, sunshine, spring fashion <3, outdoor activities (swimming, hiking, playing sports, hanging outside, barbecues….), outdoor cafes, and more! Spring offers us many exciting activities after a long season of coldness and staying indoors. The warm weather takes our mind off of stressful things and gives us a little break–mentally, physically, and spiritually. I took these photos with a friend at school in the midst of a busy time of studying for finals, but the weather was too beautiful to ignore so we took advantage of it by taking some pictures in the sunlight.

I decided to wear light colors to match the theme of the flowers. Everything in this outfit contributes to the look as a whole. The shirt and skirt give everything a bright and cheery feel, the pattern in the skirt takes the outfit from plain to interesting, the jewelry provides unique colors and designs, and the shoes also offer a special touch to the outfit with its height and fun appearance.

Nature is so beautiful and it presents many activities for people. And not only that, it lets you be creative with your fashion choices by giving new clothes to experiment with and try out for the season. How will you be enjoying the sunshine this year? (-:


fashion and stylish girl posing by flowersfashion and stylish girl posing by flowers in sunshinefashion and stylish girl posing by flowers        fashion and stylish girl posing by magnolia treestylish and fashionable gold and white jewelry by purple flowers in spring stylish and fashionable gold and white jewelry by purple flowers in springpink flowers on tree in spring by blue sky in springpurple flowers on grass in spring

PC: Trang Le

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