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Asbury Park

Asbury Park

The name of this beach town may sound like a park for those who have never been here or heard about it. In a way, it kind of is like a park–a musical, social, shopping, and summer hot-spot for people around the world. It’s also the place where Bruce Springsteen got his start (a.k.a. The Stone Pony!). I visited on a day that was a bit rainy and cloudy, but that did not stop me from exploring all that the location has to offer. I found many surprises, such as cute Pusheen plushes, cool graffiti art, and a cat cafe! There was also the famous Convention Hall (see below)–a building with cute little shops, cafes and a big concert hall which has had performances such as The Rolling Stones, KISS, The Who, Pink Floyd, and more. Continue reading as I take you on my adventures throughout the day!


The Shops

The shopping center catered to the needs of those who love boho clothing, Asbury Park merchandise, and lovers of all things kawaii. Being a fan of Pusheen and Gudetama myself, I was very happy to see that the Funhouse store (shown below) offered a wide variety of these products in addition to others such as Tokidoki and more. It also sells bags, hats, posters and clocks that sport the name “Asbury Park” as well as Tillie, the famous face of the town. Check this store out if you want something to remember Asbury, or you just love cute little things and have been looking for a new Pusheen keychain. 

fashion girl in asbury park cute storeclose up of fashion girl in asbury park cute storefashion girl by pusheen plushes in cute store in asbury parkclose up of fashion girl in asbury park cute store

This store below is perfect for boho fans! It carries perfumes and body lotions in beautiful bottles and packaging, signs and pillows for room decoration, earthy jewelry and gems, and clothing that suits the boho style. I enjoyed looking through this store as it reminded me of a pretty and nicely decorated boutique. I loved looking through all of the products and decorations throughout the store.

pretty blue and pink perfumes and lotions in beautiful store    pretty wedding merchandise in beautiful storefashion girl looks at cute boho clothing in asbury parkfashionable jewelry in pretty asbury park store

The Artwork 

While walking along the boardwalk, I noticed these colorful graffiti wall-art decorations. Of course, I had to take a picture! This is another thing I loved about my visit and Asbury–the creativity that the town has to offer. I can’t tell if that’s Marilyn Monroe in the first one or if she is just a random woman with Marilyn’s hair? Either way, it is a beautiful work of art that I could not ignore! I recognized the third one right away because that is the Yellow Submarine from The Beatles! (Yellow Submarine is a Beatles’ song and movie). The second image is so interesting because of all of the different patterns and designs. They’re all so incredible! I couldn’t tell if I was in an art museum or on a boardwalk.


rainbow Marilyn Monroe grafitti artwork in asbury parkpretty and interesting graffiti wall art in asbury parkgraffiti wall art of the Beatles yellow submarine in asbury park


The Convention Hall, Boardwalk and More

This center features performances and acts from all over! Not only that, but this famous building (second picture from bottom) also includes all of these shops shown above, cafes, and interesting places to walk around. There is also a long boardwalk along the beach right next to the Convention Hall. Along it you can find more restaurants as well as tiny shops and even a mini water park. Asbury Park is a fun place to go if you’re looking for a fun hipster beach town with art, music and style all in one place.

Asbury also has a cool town a few blocks from the shore which carries many more shops, restaurants, dessert shops, and a cat cafe, a.k.a. Catsbury Park (first picture from bottom)! It was closed so I did not get to go in (I would have if it was open!), but I did see some cats pop out from the curtains covering the glass, and they were very cute and curious! Maybe next time I’ll actually get to see them in their unique cafe habitat!



asbury park convention hall performance centerasbury park boardwalk and convention hall    asbury park convention hall on cloudy day    catsbury park cat cafe in asbury park

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