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Hellooo 🙂 Recently I went to a nice event and got to get dressed up! Not only did I enjoy getting to put on a fancy dress and high heels, but I also got to experience really beautiful weather outside that day. It was just so sunny and warm and gorgeous. The weather is going to start getting cold soon, so I’m trying to enjoy as much sunshine as possible 🙂

For my outfit, I wore a Ports 1961 dress, Jimmy Choo heels, and Louis Vuitton bag. This outfit gave me a 20’s feel, especially with the hemline of the dress and its overall appearance as well as being paired with the shoes. Besides the decade look, I thought the colors went pretty well together. A dainty yellow dress, tan shoes, and a dark brown bag follow a similar color scale, and in my opinion, make the outfit pleasing to the eye. Good pieces as well as good colors are both just as important!

I hope you are enjoying the weather near you and are having fun styling to match with the seasons!


girl wearing yellow dress and bag on nice sunny day close up image of Louis Vuitton bag

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