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Welcome to Israel!
Shalom! I visited Israel recently along with 40 other people and came back with the experience of seeing new places,
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girl posing for photoshoot wearing diane von furstenberg top and theory skirt
Magazine Cover
Hi everyone! School has kept me very busy which is why I have not been able to post in a
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Italy in Pictures
Recently, some people I know decided to take a trip to Italy. That reminded me of the time that I
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fashion girl in Moschino look in bright pink swimsuit and cute Bermuda shorts
Swimsuits for Outfits
Yep, you read the title correctly…swimsuits worn as regular outfits! It’s very possible and easy to do this as long
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Asbury Park
The name of this beach town may sound like a park for those who have never been here or heard
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fashion and stylish blogger girl in spring by magnolia tree flowers
Hi Everyone!! Flowers blooming after a long winter is an exciting time because it means Spring is officially here. And
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How to Survive Finals!
It’s that time of year for college and high school students: trying to study for a semester’s worth of material
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Magic Gardens
When people think of the word garden, a giant walk-through mosaic masterpiece does not typically come to mind. Isaiah Zagar’s “Philadelphia’s
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The Coat Says It All
Hellooo! (: With the start of the new semester, school has kept me really busy, so I have not had
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Shopper’s Paradise
I was soo happy to return to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas! For anyone who has been here before,
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